Marvel Avengers Infinity War 3D Light Up Luminart



Brighten up your room with your favourite characters from the Marvel Avengers Infinity War movie with this super-cool Marvel Infinity War 3D Luminart. Great for use in a games room, your bedroom, or even in the living room, this Marvel Infinity War 3D Luminart features some of the movie’s most loved films and is a fantastic gift for Marvel fans.

In the background is the evil Thanos and his Infinity Guantlet filled with the Infinity Stones, and in the foreground are a number of heroes including Iron Man, Spider-Man, Hulk, the Black Widow and more. This Marvel Infinity War 3D Luminart is backlit with LED lights and is dual powered via USB or 3 x AA batteries (not included).

It comes with a USB cable for power and wall mount hooks and is 250mm x 250mm in size.